8-core, 16Gb RAM, water-cooled, rack-mounted audio PC.
Pristine listening environment with Mackie HR624 THX-approved high resolution
studio monitors. Digital audio regulated with Rob Gordon valve word clock.

Over 300 plugins including:
• Classic valve compressors like Teletronix LA-2A and Urie 1176LN
• Steven Slate Trigger with full Steven Slate Platinum Drums library
• Waves plugins including Gold bundle, Renaissance collection and L3 bundle
• More from Antares, SSL, Apogee, SPL, iZotope, T.Racks, Brainworx, Audified, CDSoundmaster, Softube, Voxengo, FX Point Audio, Flux, Elysia, Soundtoys,
Kazrog and more!
• Massive range of pro virtual instruments available where necessary, including UVI Steinway Grand Piano.

Also a full hardware outboard of comps, gates and multiFX.

FAVOURITE GEAR Our brutally honest and transparent, THX-approved studio monitors.
Tom’s Favourite Plugins!
” We have a truly HUGE number of plugins, and I could talk all day about how I use them to breathe life into my mixes. I’m just going to pick out a small sample and say why they’re the best. “

BX Limiter

” I mainly use this for keeping control of the dynamics on individual tracks and busses. It is simply the most transparent track limiter on the market for most applications. The XL saturation is great for very subtle fattening of the sound, too. “

Waves Kramer Tape and Abbey Road Vinyl

” My favourite plugins for warming up the sound to create a vintage vibe. If you’re all about modern, slick productions, I wouldn’t touch them! But if you want a breakbeat to sound more vinyl than vinyl, these are the bomb! “

Voxengo Tube Amp

” We’ve spent thousands on the best plugins you can get, but sometimes, the best things in life are free. If I just need a touch more warmth or snarl in a recording, this beauty of a plugin is just the ticket. Try it yourself! “

Steven Slate Trigger 2 Platinum

” Used judiciously, this top version of Slate Digital’s amazing flagship plugin can really help a track. I hardly ever completely replace the drums, but underpinning them with a sample can help fatten up the sound. It takes a lot of practice to make triggering sound natural (and I have had a lot of practice!) but this is by far the best on the market: phase coherent with frightening accuracy; re-triggers an absolute minimum and easily sorted out; you can even tune the sample to match the pitch of the recorded drum. “

Soundtoys Little Plate

” Simply the lushest reverb for vocals you can get. Modelled on the EMT140 plate from the 50s, but with digital accuracy and the option of infinity reverb it is [whisper it] perhaps better than the original ! “

Antares Mic Mod EFX

” The strap line is, “Now the mics you own can sound like the mics you wish you owned.” Obviously that’s not quite true (no, you can’t make your Behringer Ultravoice ACTUALLY sound like a five grand Neumann) but it’s still a really useful tool. Most of the time, I set “Modelled Mic” to bypass, so it just evens out the nonlinearities, which usually makes the sound smoother and more detailed. The tube saturation is also excellent for adding a little warmth or grit where it’s needed. “

“ Thanks for abiding me. I could honestly go on all day about plugins. And AD converters. And dither…. I think I’d better just stop.“

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